On the edge of London, Chipping Barnet provides a wealth of opportunities with its rare combination of urban and country living. Whether you’d like to try out a particular local restaurant, need recommendations for local shops or services, or suggestions for family days out or weekends away, you will find it on this website.

Chipping Barnet events and lifestyle news
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Barnet Market

With its long and fascinating history (dating back to the 12th century) and despite recent uncertainties, Barnet market is getting back into its stride as …


If you fancy a vibrant, flavour-packed taste of the Mediterranean, Balady, next door to The Mitre, could be well worth a visit. This kosher vegetarian …

Battersea Power Station

At High Barnet Station a tantalising recent addition to the Northern Line destination boards has been Battersea Power Station. I’ve been mildly tempted to go …
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